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I’m more than just a photographer — not only do I provide you the safe space to dive deep into your vision and I help pull out the dream you want to create... I dive deep into your energy during the creation process to help coax out and capture the true essence of your being on the day of your photoshoot.  

My proven approach provides an intuitive understanding of you, and your brand’s personality, to help grow emotional connections with your audience.  

I'm the mad scientist of vision and creation... without too much of the mad. ;)  


"Shooting with Andrew Reed was the most incredible photography experience I have ever had. He immediately made me feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed so we could start capturing amazing photos right away. Andrew figures out who you are as a person and makes space for you to be your best authentic self in front of the camera."  

Stephen Lovegrove

 America's Life Coach & TV Host 


First, I listen.

We start with a long zoom call or in person meeting so that I can get to know you more deeply as a person, your thoughts, fears, goals, dreams, stories from your childhood and early adulthood, your passions, and of course... what super power you wish you had! ;)  

I don’t actually care about your business right now. What I care about is who you ARE, & where you want yourself and your business TO BE in 1 year!  

Then, we plan.

EVERY image MAKES someone experiance one to four of these things:  

  • THINK something 
  • FEEL something 
  • SAY something 
  • DO something 

Together we will go through all your outcomes, location desires, and create the plan for your branding images to make your potential clients Think, Feel, Say, or Do EXACTLY what you want!  


Lastly, we PLAY!

I am very serious about your outcomes for this project… and I do not go about it in a serious way… at all!  

When you speak with me, you’ll very quickly learn that I am all about fun and play… and that’s my gift. My gift allows you to come and play as well, so that on the day of your photoshoot, you are already comfortable and get to relax and play into the process.  


"Shooting with Andrew was a perfect experience that I look forward to having again. Andrew made me feel like a celebrity, ensuring I had everything I needed to feel my utmost confident and beautiful self. " 

Joanna Kinsman

Owner of


Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

Best Deal - Full Day Session  

8-10 hours $3400*

You need it all: massive library of images, multiple hero shots, three to five locations, and all the bells and whistles... bring on the big guns, because you’re doing a FULL rebrand!  

Most Popular - Half Day Session  

4 hours $1800*

You have and established brand, or are just getting started. This will create some fantast hero photos as well as a nice library of images that you can use for marketing and social media! 

Simple Needs- Portrait Session  

Per hour $497*

You only need a few high quality in studio images. Often to just update your headshot, book cover, or dating profile! ;)  

Previous Client - Update Session 

3 hours $797*

Have you hired me in the past? Are you in need of a photo library update? This rate is only available to past clients like you!  

Add Ons & Options


Yes, we have YEARS of experience in this field too. We have an entire team of video people we work with, some in house and others contracted. Whatever your needs in video, we can accommodate and deliver.  

Hair & Makeup

Don't leave this out of your planning.  

We have found that it is critical to have hair and makeup for your big day. We have a list of amazing professionals to choose from. 

Personal Stylist 

What would it feel like to have a professional come in and help pick out the PERFECT outfits for your photoshoot that are not just "On Brand" for your new image, but lmake you look and feel incredible!? We have our vetted stylists around the globe to help with this!  

What else? 

How else can we provide you with the service you need? We have relationships in every field, and are happy to bring in the people and services that you may need to deliver the right outcomes.  


“The photo shoot itself was meticulously planned and executed in an amazingly short period of time, all while Andrew made the session lighthearted and fun, which in turn made it much easier to relax and be myself. And that in turn contributed to a great result. I strongly and unequivocally recommend anyone who wants a perfect, painless and professional photo shoot to use Andrew.”

Robert W. Dziubla

B.A., M.A., J.D., LLM, Senior Fulbright Fellow, Law Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, and 8th Dan Tomiki Aikido


I’m Andrew Reed.

Hey, I'm Andrew. Photographer, adventurer, and single full-time dad. I am based in Los Angeles, CA... and travel whenever and whenever I can.  

My passion is bringing out your true essence on camera – whether you're fun & playful, deep & soulful, strong & capable, sexy & fierce – or some other combination that's unique to you.  

Not sure you can show up that way in pictures? I get it. Having a lens on you can definitely feel like a lot of pressure. But I promise it won't be when we work together.  

I make photoshoots FUN.  

We will be so busy chatting, laughing, dancing, and possibly sneaking into locations (okay, that happened once... maybe twice ;-) that you'll be astonished how quickly the time flies. And you're going to LOVE your photos.  

A lot of people ask if I specialize in a specific type of photography. The answer is yes... and no. As you'll see from my portfolio, I've done everything from portraits and maternity to seminars and weddings. My main focus at this time though is Branding and Boudoir photography and videos... with a HEAVY dose of retreat and travel work.  

What really lights me up is sharing the beauty that's present in everyone & ever&thing to those who might otherwise never see its full depth – including yourself.  

Some of my other random passions and accomplishments include: 

  • Being a full time single Dad - My Daughter is my world, and usually goes everywhere with me  
  • I'm a second degree black belt in Tomiki Aikido  
  • I was raised on a farm in Oregon 
  • I was the COO of a large personal development company for many years  
  • I used to own a restaurant (It failed...) 
  • I am a master seminar & retreat planner, organizer, and runner. With over 10 years of experience  
  • Photography fell in my lap in early 2015, and I have never looked back (Surprise!) 

If you're ready to book a shoot (or even if you just feel like we would get along!) I hope you'll reach out. I'd love to connect for a phone call, or in persona over a tea or green juice, and discover what MAGIC we can create together.  



"Andrew Reed is an artistic genius. I went from nervous about the shoot and completely scatter-brained confused to total at ease and guided through the whole experience. Andrew was able to co-create the entire creative vision with me and we executed together in a very fun playful way.  

When I looked at the images afterwards, I burst into tears. I have never been more in love with personal shots in my life. If you are looking to be guided in a photoshoot experience that feels fun and light, I highly recommend working with Andrew Reed."

Jolie Dawn

Bestselling author of “Empowered, Sexy and Free” and “The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship”

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"This is one of my favorite pictures that anyone has ever taken of me There’s not many men in this world that I would feel totally comfortable leading me into a bunch of “male model” poses...  

One of the things that I love most about Andrew's work is that he has a gift for bringing out your unique essence through his photography. He's amazing at drawing out different sides of you... sides that you yourself may not fully see or know how to express. Time and time again, I've seen him capture unexpected sides of some of my closest friends. I’m often left speechless when I see Andrew's work If you’re looking for an amazing photographer who is able to capture the full range of your authentic self-expression, I would highly recommend reaching out to Andrew. Like I said: there’s not many men in this world that I would feel totally comfortable leading me into a bunch of “male model” poses. I think that alone communicates a lot about his unique approach to photography and his vision and 'range' I really enjoyed how this one turned out."

Kevin Kurgansky

Owner of The 60K Client System & CEO of

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